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About Us

Who we are

Nree Productions is a freelance film production company based in Bangladesh with a team of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds. The team consists of Fixers, photographers, cinematographers, Producers, Anthropologists, Writers, Visual Artists, and translators.

We specialize in producing documentaries and news pieces that are insightful, compelling, and thought-provoking. With our excellent track record of experience in the field, we have worked with international media organizations for years and also work closely with many Bangladesh-based INGOs on their documentary projects.

We are committed to providing high-quality media content for international media organizations and professionals while respecting the local cultural sensitivities and understanding their requirements.

Our photographers and cinematographers have also enriched the stock photo and video section with exclusive visuals that can be availed very easily from our website.

Why Us

Industry standard team members to take care of every detail of your assignment. We cut through the language barrier so that you can concentrate on your story.

What We Do For You

1. On-field production
2. Assembling the right crew
3. process the necessary permit
4. Filed research
5. Find the right location
6. Get the right character
7. Transport & Accommodation
8. Translation & Transcription


Sohan Rahat

Sohan Rahat is Documentary Photographer, producer and writer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

He has been working extensively on the issues like Refugee and statelessness, Climate change and Migration. As a field producer he works with ITN, SkyNews, National Geographic, Aljazeera and many other international media houses.
His work has been published in Social Documentary Network, Chanel 4 News, Skynews, Natgeo, Aljazeera, International Private Review Magazine, The Daily Star and many other local and international platforms.

His projects exhibited in local international photo festivals. His works were presented as a street show in “Just Another Photo Festival” in Delhi and Counter Foto’s Annual Exhibitions.