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Hire a Fixer in Bangladesh and A Complete Guide on Filming

Hire a Fixer in Bangladesh and A Complete Guide to Filming

Sohan Rahat

Bangladesh is a land of many events and stories of people and culture. This has been a destination for many international journalists, Professional Photographers, directors, and Film Makers. Even in recent times, we have seen many films and globally important news which has been shot in Bangladesh. But the support for the people who are willing to come and shoot here is been very rare.

If you are a journalist, photographer, media company, production house, or news media seeking support for your next project, documentary, or film in Bangladesh, we are here to help. whether it’s a news documentary or film about any global issue, we are here to offer a one-stop service for your every need. We make it easy to hire a fixer for film production in Bangladesh.

Nree productions is a trusted documentary film production company in Bangladesh with house of seasoned fixers, producers, directors, translators, post-production, DoPs, videographers, editor, photographers, researchers, and full shooting film crews with industry-standard skills, knowledge, and gears for film production services in Bangladesh.

We are here to make your shooting experience hassle-free, nice and smooth. I will explain the entire guide in three stages:

Step 1# Pre – Production

Step 2# Production

Step 3# Post–Production

Let’s dive into the details from here:

Pre - Production

Undoubtedly the most crucial part of your project is the pre-production. journalists, filmmakers, documentarians largely depend on this part. Everything needs to be in place before the production kicks off. Here are a few crucial steps to ensure bulletproof pre-production:

  • Finding the right fixer in Bangladesh
  • Applying for the VISA
  • Location scouting
  • Assemble an efficient crew
  • Safe Accommodation
  • Safe Transport
  • Shooting permits
  • Renting equipment and gears
  • Flying a drone in Bangladesh

Let’s get into a bit details about how we will be helping you on this section:


1. Selecting the right documentary film fixer in Bangladesh

Are you looking for a documentary film fixer in Bangladesh?

We all agree that a fixer can make or break a project. So it’s very critical to find the right fixer in Bangladesh. But, as the sector is less known to the majority, most of the time people mix this up with a tour guide. while the reality is, a seasoned fixer is more than just a tour guide.

Fixer in Bangladesh


Our DOP having a discussion with our local documentary Film fixer in the Sundarbans, Bangladesh.

You will find numerous fixer services online but our fixers are not just someone translating/interpreting for you on the field. The accuracy in translation will help you to know the geography and culture of the country very well. they will guide you to understand the public sentiment to the subject matter you are dealing with.

In this land of many local cultures and dialects, it’s easy to get lost in translation. Our fixers will ensure your safety measures on the ground along with the perfect translation for your news or documentary film. We will ensure all the points mentioned under the post-production section.

Contact us now to get connected with a fixer.

2. Applying for the Bangladesh VISA

Film Visas are popular in many countries. But in Bangladesh, things are a bit different. A Journalist Visa is required. to obtain a journo VISA, you will be needing some papers to submit your country’s Bangladeshi diplomatic mission. We will guide you to produce the necessary papers required for the VISA application.

Please keep in mind that, the right VISA will make your shooting experience hassle-free and you will be able to visit safer. This is going to be an efficient and memorable visit to Bangladesh. So getting the right Visa is the first step of your visit with professionalism.

Here is a list of diplomatic missions of Bangladesh around the world. Contact us for your queries regarding the VISA application

3. Location scouting in Bangladesh

location scouting is a must for filming projects but we have dealt with some news cases and documentary films when scouting proved very crucial for our clients.

Location Scouting in Bangladesh
Our Fixer and field producer scouting a location in Bangladesh

In this low lying delta where many cultures exist altogether peacefully, yet things might go wrong if we do not understand a certain culture of a specific area. A day-long scout is very important for a correct risk assessment before we deploy the entire crew for filming.

Contact us for your queries regarding location scouting in Bangladesh

4. Assembling an efficient production crew

Film Makers, directors, and journalists require a crew that is efficient which makes their life easier while working in a remote and unknown location. As a production company, we have a highly efficient production crew who will ensure your quality shoot within the time frame which will save your time and budget. We have a team of in-house cameraman, fixers, line producers, field producers, production assistants, sound engineers, and researchers.

fixer in Bangladesh
A part of our production crew.

If you are planning for shooting a film in Bangladesh but need to outsource a film crew locally, we can help you to assemble a very efficient crew.

This can be a very crucial service if you planning offshore filming in COVID reality.

Please contact us for assembling a film crew or any other query

5. Safe Accommodation

This is the most critical point when it comes to staying in Bangladesh. We understand the impression journalists already have about the safety measurements in Bangladesh. But, we have to work keeping this reality in mind.

The location of the accommodation is the base of the crew, so many things depend on the location of the accommodation with respect to the shooting location. On top of that, we have to ensure the hygiene facilities in this critical Covid reality.

Hotel in Bangladesh


We will ensure you the safest accommodation in any town in Bangladesh during the shooting.

Please contact us to discuss the accommodation safety and possible safe accommodations

6. Safe Transport

Road safety is a widely discussed matter in Bangladesh as thousands die every year on the road. Bangladesh has airports in the major cities but you have to depend on road transport for daily shooting commutes with crew members and gears.

Safe Transport in Bangladesh

We ensure a quality vehicle with a trusted driver. We highly depend on the skill and honesty of our driver for everyday shooting commute. An honest driver will make sure the safety of your equipment from possible theft during the shoot.

Please contact us for the details about safe transport in any location in Bangladesh

7. Film Location Permits


Filming in restricted areas like sanctuaries and national parks requires special permission from the Concerned Government Office. though it might sound like a very regular process to apply and obtain the permit, in reality, this is a complicated process that goes back forth to obtain the permit.

A part of our crew during the shoot in the Sundarbans, Bangladesh

We can take this hassle for you and try to obtain the permit.

Please contact us to discuss the location permits

8. Equipment and gear rentals

Carrying a huge set of equipment will impose a weight charge on you at the airport which might even be as expensive as some of your equipment. This will definitely break your budget! On top of that, you will not be able to bring a drone by air Bangladesh as it is illegal to bring.

Flying Drone in Bangladesh

Our fixer / Line producer will discuss your shooting plan and requirements to outsource every possible equipment needed for the filming within the standard rate.

Please feel free to contact us regarding the gear rentals

9. Flying a Drone in Bangladesh


We all know how a drone can introduce a completely different perspective of your film, documentary, or news. But, flying the drone can be very tricky in Bangladesh. First of all, you cannot bring a drone to Bangladesh as this has been declared illegal by the airport authorities. But, you could fly one with proper permission.

But, you have to apply for permission to fly a month ahead of the shooting and nobody will guarantee you permission. We can help you out from this limbo.

Flying a Done in Bangladesh


Our inhouse Drone Operator flying a drone near the Sundarbans, Bangladesh

Our expert drone pilots will arrange this for you and get the best footage possible with a production-grade drone. We also have an archive of drone footage that you might be interested in using in your upcoming film or documentary.

Contact us to hire a fixer in Bangladesh



By the time the production phase starts, we ensure everything in order and the line producer takes charge of everything from our fixers. Though our local fixer will be a constant company during the shooting. As we strongly believe the local culture and people will be read better by the local fixer.

A team of Cameraman, producer, director, film crew, and fixer will be conducting the production on a daily basis and will report back to you at the end of every day’s shooting. This is a general practice while we are shooting offshore for any house or filmmaker/documentarian/journalist.

Film Production in Bangladesh


A part of our production crew during the shoot near the Sundarbans, Bangladesh.

The production phase largely depends on the work done by the fixers and researchers during the pre-production phase. We ensure very precise pre-production work which will save you valuable time and money during the production phase.

Post - Production


Once the production is done, we hand over the footage to the house or person we have worked for. The edit is done by the house locally. but still, there are some services left to ensure our quality support. Here we are very different from other video production companies.

The 2 stages of our post-production services are:

  1. Translation and Transcription
  2. Editing

1. Translation and Transcription


No more getting lost in translation while you are working on your next project in Bangladesh.

Are you a journalist/Photographer/documentary filmmaker who is planning your next visit to Bangladesh? Or you could be a part of a medical team heading towards Bangladesh for crucial research. You will be needing someone who can interpret/translate on the field with no loss of information, even when the language gets tricky with local accents in many different parts of the country.

Our fixer/interpreter does the on-field translation while being with you. Their quality and accuracy in translation ensure the industry standard. but the real challenge starts when it comes to time-coded transcription of the film. It takes huge patience and skill to sit for hours and typing to make a quality transcription for your film or documentary.

We have a range of services under this translation and transcription category: 

  1. Field Interpreters: We have a pool of expert male and female field interpreters with a good knowledge of speaking both Bangla and English. Their immediate support on the field has been a proven key element for many professionals in past years.

We do also have a pool of interpreters who speak multiple languages.

  1. Video Transcribing: We understand your desire to reach globally with your film/documentary/news you have shot in Bangladesh. A precise time-coded transcription of the video is a promise from our end.

Our support doesn’t just stop here, we will keep reviewing your subtitles until the final edit is ready before you publish the film/news/documentary.

  1. Audio Transcribing: Just like the video, the quality of the audio transcription will be precise and top class. If you are someone who conducted an audio interview or need your audion lecture in Bangladesh needs to be transcribed in papers, we are here to offer our help.
  2. Document Translation: Text to text transcription is also needed sometimes. We provide precise and accurate translations of a document

Our translators are seasoned experts who have extensively worked with journalists, photographers, filmmakers, doctors, health professionals, field reporters, NGOs, and researchers from different disciplines.

Contact us for Translation and transcription services

We have a couple of special dedicated services as well on some important issues:  

1. Rohingya Fixer Service


Undoubtedly one of the most widely spoken and crucial issues of our recent times is the plight of Rohingya Muslim refugees from Myanmar. Since the day exodus began, we have been giving our best support to the international media houses and documentary filmmakers.

Filming in Rohingya Camp, Cox's bazar, Bangladesh

Channel 4 News crew filming inside the Rohingya camp, cox’s bazar, Bangladesh

Six years down the line, many things changed except the plight of these people from the Rohingya community. Their stories are being told more frequently than ever before.

If you are planning to visit the Rohingya camp in the coming days, we can help you with the steps that need to be followed and with all the logistical needs.

Steps to Visit a Rohingya Camp: 

Rohingya Refugee Camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Rohingya Refugee Camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
  1. Get the permit to visit the Camp from the local authority
  2. Get a Rohingya or a local fixer
  3. Get a safe Transport familiar with the camp location
  4. Safe Accommodation
  5. Production
Filming inside Rohingya Refugee camp in Bangladesh

Chanel 4 News crew taking an interview inside the Rohingya Refugee Camp in Bangladesh

Please contact us to discuss the steps in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ


How complicated it is to obtain a filming permit for Bangladesh?

It’s a very easy process but sometimes this might get lengthier as you might also have to submit the storyline of the film or documentary. So the process needs to be started as early as possible.

Is that easy to get a Journalist VISA for Bangladesh?

It’s somewhat easy to get a journo VISA for Bangladesh. But you will be needing a proper invitation letter from a local organization and you have to mention the project you will be dealing with. We recommend having a chat/talk with us to understand the process better.

Can we fly a drone in Bangladesh?

Flying Drone in Bangladesh

Yes, you can! with permission from the authority. But, the time period of allowing a permit is very lengthy. We would request you speak with us to understand the process better for a hassle-free flying experience in Bangladesh.

How long does it take for the visa to be issued?

It takes about a month generally depending on the mission from where you are applying. Sometimes the paper verification can time and make the process lengthier. But, that’s very rare. We recommend you to look at the section about VISA mentioned in this article or just contact us for further details.

What documents are required for the permit?

Filming in Bangladesh
Our Cameraman Filming in a Cyclone affected zone near the Sundarbans, Bangladesh

Obtaining a filming permit can be a lengthy process depending on the type of film/documentary. But with the right documents, if the application is placed properly, we can expect this to get as early as possible. The documents needed to submit for the permit are:

  1. A completed application form giving the contact details of the local coordinator
  2. A clear overview of the film assignment
  3. A list of the crew
  4. Equipment list
  5. Copy of your valid passport
  6. A copy of the return airline ticket and confirmed hotel booking.


How easy it is to rent equipment in Bangladesh?

Filming equipment is very much available for rent. But things always depend on the availability. That’s why we suggest you decide upon the equipment as early as possible.

We have tried our level best to guide you through this entire process so that you can make a decision with ease of mind before you visit Bangladesh. This is an ever-changing document that will be updated from time to time. But rest assured, whenever you are reading it, it bears all the latest info in this.

For any further queries, we are just one click away.

Sohan Rahat

Sohan Rahat

Sohan Rahat is Documentary Photographer, producer and writer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As a field producer, he works with ITN, SkyNews, National Geographic, Aljazeera and many other international media houses.
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