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Why Choose Nree Productions as a Professional Video Production Company in Bangladesh for Your Next Project

When it comes to your next project in Bangladesh, selecting the right video production company is pivotal. We are a leading video production company in Bangladesh, offering a world of expertise and creativity, specializing in documentary film production and news. We have been helping filmmakers and journalists for the last seven years with groundbreaking stories.

Professional Video Production Company in Bangladesh

The Process: How a Top-notch Video Production Company Creates Outstanding Videos

Let’s delve into the meticulous process of differentiating Nree Productions in exceptional video production. We break down the entire assignment into three crucial parts as the rest of the world.

  1. Pre Production
  2. Production
  3. Post Production

Pre Production

Pre Production is the phase when you establish contact with us. We listen very carefully to go through your plan and reply with the real scenario. We give you an honest opinion regarding if your plan is doable here. We sometimes go to the field to understand it and report back even before the budget is approved. We make the entire shoot plan, which includes your transport and accommodation. Everything is taken care of before your arrival. You just have to come for the shoot with your plan.

Discovery International Team Filming in Bangladesh


In the production phase, we deploy the entire needed for your disposal. If you come for the shoot by yourself, everything is placed and organized as you want. Or If you are conducting offshore shooting in collaboration with us. We report back from time to time to make sure you are getting everything you need for the film or news piece. Sometimes, even our clients join us on a live call to check if things are working okay.

Filming in Bangladesh

Post Production

In the post-production, it’s totally upon you if you want us to edit the piece. In most of the cases, we deliver the footage on time. There has never been a single case in which we failed to deliver the footage on time. Yes, Internet speed can be an issue to upload the footage, but we plan to meet the deadline. We even delivered the Hard drive through DHL to some of our clients who didn’t want to take any chances with the deadline. The professionalism to meet the deadline in this country has been a nightmare, to be honest, but we have ruled it out from our book. We also make sure the perfect translation on the field and transcription of the footage.

From the initial stages of pre-production, where your vision is carefully outlined, to the post-production phase, where every detail is finessed, NREE Productions ensures a seamless journey from concept to screen. We can walk you through every detail needed before you arrive in Bangladesh for a nice and smooth shooting experience.

The Benefits of Working with a Local Video Production Company in Bangladesh

Working with a Local Video Production Company in Bangladesh

There’s an inherent advantage in choosing a local expert. And that’s an obvious case when we shoot in another country or offshore filming. The cultural angle of your production can make or break your shoot. But some facts you cannot ignore:

  1. Budget and time: Working with us will save a good amount of budget if you are not traveling and as we meet our deadline very professionally, you really don’t have to worry about meeting the deadline.
  2. Quality and Style: You will have the upper hand in getting the local style and narrative of your film needed. Being local doesn’t mean being low quality. It’s about the unique perspective of the land you will be seeing. Maintaining the narrative of your film, we will ensure the style it deserves.
  3. No Worries: A simple two words, but we all know worried clients are a thousand miles away. That’s why we have the previous cases when our clients were like best collaborators who just gave us the work and relaxed back at home. We made sure through our top-notch communication. Immediate and sincere responses make our clients feel that they are in safe hands.

We understand the pulse of Bangladesh, the culture, language, and unique aspects that make your video resonate with the local audience. This local insight is invaluable, ensuring your project has a lasting impact. We are here to help you with our honest perspective during the production and ensure you are touching people’s hearts while shooting here.

Types of support offered by Nree Productions

support offered by Nree Productions

NREE Productions offers a range of services, making them the ideal choice to showcase your business or documentary/news project. From engaging corporate videos highlighting your brand’s essence to captivating documentaries that tell profound stories and event coverage that captures the magic of the moment, Nree Productions has the skills and experience to cater to your needs. Here are some of the services we Provide:

  1. Fixer
  2. Transportation and Accommodation
  3. Local Scouting
  4. Story and Character Research
  5. Location and Filming Permit
  6. Logistical Support

Random moments with local children


Finding a fixer in Bangladesh is tricky. You will find people translating well on the field, but that doesn’t mean she/ he could be a good fixer. Our fixers are seasoned in working in tough situations. We will give you the real scenario on the field to make you the right decision. We’re very capable of handling the situation on the field. And the support will adjust according to the subject matter you are dealing with

Transportation and Accommodation

Here comes the best part of working with us. With our years of experience, we understand what kind of traveling plan you need for the shoot. We will ensure the best quality transport and safe transport for the team. We also select the best possible and safe accommodation depending on the shooting location. We don’t have affiliation with any transport or accommodation provider. We just pick the one which will work best for your plan. And these all are settled once your plan is final and laid out perfectly.

Location Scouting

It always happens that you have a Great Film story but don’t know where to shoot. As we have travelled across the country, we have ideas about where you will find what. Yet, we are happy to help you with location scouting within a very regular base budget as we travel local and stay local during the location scouting. It saves a good amount of money for you.

Capturing real scenario on the field

Character Research

It happens parallel with location scouting. We go through multiple characters for your filming on location and report back.
We build the rapport before you come for the shoot. We report back to you and decide which character you want to go for. We made it seamlessly easy for you to make the right decision.

Location and Filming Permit

We make your shoot possible

Getting a filming permit in Bangladesh is a tedious job, and it has become more challenging recently. Many bureaucratic complications will make your shoot look impossible. But we have handled this smartly before. We bypass or work with bureaucratic formalities in a way that doesn’t become a headache during the shoot.

Logistical Support

complete logistical support

We provide complete logistical support required in a shoot, from Camera rentals to drone operators and sound recordists. From generators to on-location catering services., everything is covered once you have decided to work with us. And it happens so smoothly that you won’t understand even if we had to go through a lot to ensure everything is in place.

Affordable Pricing Packages to Suit Your Budget and Requirements

Budget constraints need not be a barrier to high-quality video production. We have started this support system not just to make money. It’s a passion. After working with most of the top-class organizations, We perfectly understand that everybody doesn’t have the same budget. We always love to hear from you what you are looking for. Then, we can tailor our expertise to fit in with your needs. Our goal is to help you. Even if we do not work together, we are still happy to get your call and listen. We are renowned for our cost-effective pricing packages, ensuring you get the professional quality you need without stretching your budget to the limit.


Selecting the right video production company is pivotal. NREE Productions excels on various fronts. Their extensive experience, backed by client testimonials and a portfolio that aligns perfectly with your project, makes them the obvious choice.

create a great video together

In the world of video production, the choice of the right partner is more than just an afterthought. It’s a decision that can define the success of your project. NREE Productions, a professional video production company in Bangladesh, brings expertise, local insight, and cost-effectiveness. They are the gateway to creating videos that resonate with your local or global audience.

Remember the distinctive advantages we offer when searching for a video production company in Bangladesh. With us as your partner, your next project is poised for success.

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